HOW TO GIVE RADIO INTERVIEWS (If You’re Being Interviewed and You’re Not a Broadcaster)

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I’ve listed the points that, in my opinion, are crucial for someone without experience to approach an interview. Nevertheless, at the end of this article, I’ll leave you a link to a video where I delve into each point in detail.

1. You’re the expert. Empower yourself by realizing that at that moment, you are the expert. Nobody knows the topic better than you. This will help you control your nerves, relax, and build confidence. Keep in mind that the focus is on the information; you’re just the messenger. Let the information flow.

2. Research your audience. Pay attention to the kind of people who listen to the radio station where you’ll be interviewed. Each media outlet covers a portion of the population. With this information, you can determine the type of language and energy you can use for your performance.

3. Address the interviewer by their name. Even though it may seem hard to believe, many people overlook this detail. It can help break the ice with the interviewer and make everything flow more smoothly.

4. Find out the duration of your participation on the show. Once you know how much time you have to speak, you can define the topic and address the key points of your participation within that timeframe.

5. Go in with a smile. Smiling adds many points with the audience; otherwise, you might come off as stiff, causing the public to lose interest. Be pleasant.

6. Greet the audience. When the host introduces you, prepare an entrance like, “Thank you for the invitation, [host’s name], it’s a pleasure to greet your entire audience this evening.” You can address the public by calling them listeners (if you’re on the radio), audience, viewers (if you’re on TV), etc.

7. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s important to know how to breathe to properly support your voice, ensuring clear, resonant, and articulate speech. If you’re interested in this topic, on, in our ONLINE STORE section, you can purchase our manual titled “PUBLIC SPEAKING: VOICE-OVER COURSE,” which is packed with exercises for this purpose. Remember, your voice is the vehicle the message uses to reach the audience.

8. Be punctual.

9. Define the topic with the interviewer. Before starting the interview, tactfully remind the interviewer of the purpose of your visit and ask for help in making the central point clear.

10. Test the microphone. It’s common for the control room operator to ask you to speak a bit to check your voice’s volume; in radio language, this is called “checking or leveling.” When this happens, you should speak as if you were already in the interview, with the same volume, speed, and intent you will use when you’re on the air.

11. Conclude your interview with a brief reminder. When the interviewer, towards the end, asks you, “Do you want to add anything?” this moment is your last chance to make it clear why you came to the media outlet. Reiterate the essential information and remind the audience of the different ways they can contact you for communication.

12. Practice. The only way to become an expert is by practicing. Each time you go for an interview, you’ll learn something new, feel more comfortable, and gradually master the subject.

That’s it for today’s entry. I’m leaving you the link to watch the video with more information on this topic. We’ll see you in the next article, and don’t forget to share your comments on our social media channels.


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