HOW DO I MAKE MY VOICE DEEPER (How to Achieve a Broadcaster’s Voice)

It’s great to have you back here. Today, I want to discuss a topic that many announcers consider very important: HOW TO HAVE A DEEPER VOICE.
Although circumstances have changed in advertising and media worldwide, where deep or “broadcast” voices are losing ground to more natural, well-placed mid-range voices that can modulate, act, and convey emotions, I’ve decided to address your various requests and write this short article describing the process to achieve A DEEPER VOICE in just a few minutes.

The process is as follows:
1. Lower your larynx.
2. Relax your vocal cords and release tension.
3. Direct the resonance of your voice to your chest resonator, and
4. With all this, have a clear understanding of the interpretation or character you are going to portray, and… you’re ready!

Another exercise that can help you exercise your lower register is to inhale deeply and make a high-pitched “A” sound and then lower your voice into the chest resonator with the low-pitched “O” sound.

Repeat this exercise five times until you feel comfortable speaking in that range. Be careful not to strain your throat (no rasping) with this exercise.

It’s important to know that some people have a greater ease in having a deeper, broader, and more resonant register than others. This is due to the natural voice range and physical build they were born with. Typically, these individuals are baritones or basses, and they usually have a much better-placed lower register than someone born with a tenor voice, who have richer and more powerful resonance in higher registers.

 Nevertheless, a tenor can practice their mid and lower registers with very good results—sometimes even astonishing. It all depends on the effort each individual puts into their vocal instrument while respecting the limits of our bodies.
I send you my best regards. Let me know if this article was helpful to you through my social media channels.


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