How to Create a Home Recording Booth: Tips for Voice Talent

Hello, voices, it’s a pleasure to greet you once again. In this post, I want to talk to you about how to set up your home spaces for quality recording if you don’t have access to a professional recording booth.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the rules of the game for many industries, including voice actors, voice-over artists, and narrators. With health restrictions in place, recording studios and audio production houses have been closed to talent and clients. However, work hasn’t stopped, and those who’ve managed to attract more projects are those with home recording booths. Those voice actors or dubbing artists who didn’t have this infrastructure in place have missed numerous job opportunities.

That’s why I decided to write this article, aiming to guide our community on how to address this issue and prevent you from losing money, avoiding an economic disaster. It’s essential to note that the primary recommendation here is to invest in an affordable audio booth that you can set up at home. Nowadays, there are good options available at your fingertips. Here’s a link with three booth options you can acquire if you live in Mexico:

However, in today’s article, I want to offer you some ideas to help you reduce sound reflections in your recordings using materials you probably already have at home.

Tip 01: Yoda’s Hut
This is a simple and effective resource. Place four chairs facing each other, backrest to backrest, and use them as pillars to put a blanket or two on top of them, creating a makeshift tent. Get under this structure with your microphone. This will greatly help reduce room reflections.

Tip 02: The Closet
Most of us have a closet at home. Rooms with a bed already have less sound reverberation, making them suitable for recording. I recommend getting inside the closet to record. The clothes usually found in them help improve acoustics. If the closet isn’t large enough to fit inside and close the door (or perhaps it doesn’t have a door), place the microphone among the hanging clothes and direct your voice toward them when recording. This will significantly improve your audio quality.

Tip 03: The Car
Recording inside a car is an excellent idea. Despite being hard to believe, the interior of a car has excellent acoustics, allowing us to make high-quality recordings. The main disadvantage is the potential for street noise to enter your recordings, but if the car is in a garage or a quiet location, you’re likely to get excellent results.

Tip 04: Wooden Frame
Another resource you can use is to build a wooden frame and cover it with cushion filler material, attaching it to the wall. This resource can be quite cost-effective, and if you install it in a location with minimal sound reflection in your house, such as your bedroom, you’ll get excellent results.
And finally…

Tip 05: Low-Cost Prefabricated Booths
I want to share that recognizing the needs of many voice actors, dubbing artists, singers, and voice artists in general, I initiated a project that has helped dozens of people in Mexico. Five years ago, I decided to design and build an affordable, portable recording booth to address the challenges faced by voice artists.
If you’re someone with a career in voice acting or just starting in this business, this investment will elevate your career, attract more clients, and, consequently, allow you to make more money and live off this profession as you’ve always wanted. Please visit the official website for these low-cost, prefabricated home studios at

That’s it for today’s article. Please let me know through my social media channels if you found this information helpful. We’ll meet again in the next installment. 

¡Have a nice day!


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