Metaphysical Causes Affecting the Voice

First, we must understand that one of the manifestations through which the mind materializes its thoughts is the voice. It is from this point that the command is given to activate the entire machinery (the vocal apparatus) so that the human voice can be perceived by the ear—the material sense—of the listener(s). And then, this second individual, in a process of absorption, processes the message that will reach their mind.
The following outline explains the above:

Emission Process.
Reception Process:

The individuals whom humanity has taken as reference models for their contributions to collective wisdom, when the physical plane became barren in answers for them, turned to the realm of metaphysics, which would lead them to find the true origin of phenomena.
Let’s remember that when an interpreter receives training, whether in spoken or singing voice techniques, all sorts of metaphorical images are used to achieve the instructional goal. Therefore, in the field of voice, the involvement of metaphysics is highly relevant.
Before continuing with this article, it is important to understand the field of study that metaphysics encompasses in order to avoid confusion and thus continue unraveling this tangled web under the same criteria.
Metaphysics: (From late Greek μετά [τὰ] φυσικά, after the [physical books]) Part of philosophy that deals with being as such, and its properties, principles, and first causes. – (RAE Dictionary); other definitions tell us that metaphysics studies aspects of reality that are inaccessible to scientific investigation.
Therefore, all physical objects have a metaphysical root.
René Descartes put it this way:
“Knowledge is like a tree whose roots are metaphysical, the trunk is physics, and the main branches are the mechanical arts, whose importance lies in reducing human labor, medicine, and morality. Metaphysics is fundamental, but it adds that the fruits of a tree are not picked from the roots, but from the branches.”
Returning to our topic, we now know that the voice is generated in the realm of causes and perceived in the world of effects. When we harbor thoughts of goodness, correct thoughts, it is normal to perceive their effects in physical health and good relationships with our peers. Conversely, if our thoughts are negative, contaminated by gossip, resentment, and hatred, their physical manifestation will result in decrepitude and death.
Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, author of the book “The Disease as a Symbol,” edited and translated into Spanish by ROBIN BOOK – Lectorum ISBN: 9789707321854, speaks of this phenomenon and its manifestation in diseases that affect the human body as a whole. Regarding our topic of interest, he states the following:
“The voice shows how much I am in resonance with my body and my inner voice; falsetto: being in resonance only with the head; shaky voice: not daring to develop and harness one’s own abilities; fear of one’s own strengths; hoarse voice: not being consistent with one’s expressions; soft voice: not wanting to commit, undifferentiated thoughts; muffled voice: repressed tears, repressed anger; rough voice: fiercely fighting against one’s own resistance, not surrendering; thunderous voice: being upset, lack of sensitivity to changing new situations; hissing voice: wanting to seduce and communicate withdrawal/forbidden things, repressed aggression; shrill voice: striving to attract attention; raspy voice: getting stuck at the beginning of self-expression, attempting to provoke attention without success, not openly expressing criticism […]”.
Undoubtedly, the voice, like the gaze, constitutes the most intimate reflection of our soul, making conscious self-examination, or better yet… ‘conscientious’ examination of this aspect crucial.
Knowing what recurring thoughts make up our individuality can make the difference between a life in development or many years in confusion that prevents us from advancing in the craft of the voice within its various techniques. By conducting this exercise, we will discover and understand the causes of the ailments that our working instrument suffers or will suffer.”



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