Belting in Vocal Technique

“Belting” is a vocal technique used in contemporary singing known for its power and emotion. This technique is especially common in genres such as pop, rock, and musical theater, where singers need to project their voices over the music and reach large audiences without amplification.
In essence, belting involves singing with a bright and energetic tone in the upper register of the voice, often reaching high notes with great intensity. Belting singers typically open their throats, increase air pressure, and use controlled vibrato to achieve a passionate and powerful sound.
A distinctive feature of belting is the sensation that the singer is “shouting” or “hitting” the high notes, but in reality, it is a controlled vocal technique. Trained belting singers work on the strength and endurance of their vocal cords to sustain these notes without harming their voices.
To achieve effective belting, it is essential for singers to receive proper vocal training and work with an experienced vocal coach. Belting can be an intense and challenging technique, and it is crucial to learn how to care for and maintain vocal health.
Belting is used across a wide range of musical repertoires. In the world of musical theater, it is common in emotionally impactful numbers where characters express passion and power through their voices. It is also a favorite technique in pop music, where artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Freddie Mercury have made an indelible mark with their belting ability.
Despite its power, belting is not suitable for all vocal situations. It should be used in moderation and in the appropriate context, as excessive use can lead to vocal fatigue and potentially injury. Singers must learn to switch between different vocal techniques based on the demands of the music and their repertoire.
In summary, belting is an impressive vocal technique that allows singers to project emotion and power in their performances. With proper training and vocal care, this technique can be a powerful tool in a singer’s arsenal, enabling them to reach new heights and convey their feelings with a bold and moving voice.


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